Transparency, Integrity & Choice is a social network and a blogging community platform that has the interest of its users at heart. No ads, no Google Analytics, no tracking, no data sale.

We have been working on the Internet since literally the last century. Over the years we have come across many friends, family members, and clients that needed our help with their web presences. Soon a clear pattern started to become apparent to us, the tools and functionalities needed were repeating from person to person and from business to business, so we thought of combining those tools in a common platform.  We worked on the architecture, the user experience, and in 2017 achieved the first prototype.  

The prototype showed us the potential of adding private and public accounts, combined with social network functionalities, and the concept grew larger, a bit daunting, but a stronger concept from then on.

Because is a self-funded project, we had to be realistic and to make sure not to undertake too much, so we could complete what we started.  It wasn’t easy, but ideas and insights kept on coming, and the pressure of knowing that our children would soon be asking for an account in one of the current social media companies available today, was enough stimulation to keep us working towards our goal… To make a company that respects people’s privacy.

As users of social networks ourselves, we want choice, we want to have more, or even better, total control over our personal data, and we are prepared to pay for a service like that. So, we thought that like us, there are many other individuals that also value their privacy and would be prepared to pay for it.  We asked some friends and family, and to our surprise, found that many were not interested to pay… I would be lying if I said that that didn’t deflate our balloon a bit, but we still thought that it would be great to have the freedom to choose.  So, we kept on going…

At the beginning of 2018 we started to slow down, but then the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica’s scandal exploded. Not too surprised about the news, but amazed at the scale of the problem, and how everything was setting itself up for us to step up and offer the choice that we have been working on for the last couple of years… that, was enough to motivate us that bit further.

A couple of weeks later, we heard about Jason Calacanis’ Open Book Challenge competition, and were blown away with the synchronicities of it all, a pretty good fit!  Only issue, the deadline was in just a month’s time and we were not ready… but quite clearly, we had to take this challenge, so here we are, frantically finishing functionalities, fixing bugs, checking for last minute graphics, copy, content, testing, working until 4am (I personally thought those late nights were all gone, but here we’re at it again!). is to us a bit of an experiment. We want to challenge the concept of “invasive advertisement” that we have been forced to accept as the norm. Instead, we’d like to embrace the concept of “elective advertisement”, where the customer chooses to communicate or not, or to follow their favourite “sellers of goods or services”.

It represents transparency, integrity and choice, which we feel the world is in desperate need of. 

It will be very interesting and exciting to see how develops and grows!

We hope you take part in the ride!

Let us change the world one project at a time!


Carola Derpsch
Co-Founder and CEO