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22 May 2019

Published by davidsearle

(Last updated 11 weeks ago)

So let's get started with Programming.   Here is something really simple that you can try on your own.  It's some basic HTML.  Write whatever you like on the left, and the result will appear on the right.

For example, change the words on the left to say "Hello Simplo". 

If you don't see the Result updated straight away, click "Rerun" in the bottom right corner.

(If you're on a mobile phone, you'll have two tabs "HTML", and "RESULT")



Pretty easy huh?



Let's add an HTML tag to make it a little more interesting:


You can try sizes from  <h1> down to <h6>.   These are 'headings' in HTML and can be used to format the text, and also to help search engines understand how the page is constructed.    

If you use <h1>, a search engine will think that this is the title of the page.


Once you've completed these exercises, leave me a comment below to let me know that you're finished, and we'll move on to the next exercise.


Got any questions, or requests?   Leave a comment below.



Until next time ..

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Nicolas (24 May 2019)
I think if you click the mySIMPLO button on the top middle of the screen it should take you to the browse all content page
Nicolas (24 May 2019)
I think there should be a way to send comments to a certain person
Nicolas (24 May 2019)
So where it says(ADD COMMENT) next to it,it should say(SEND COMMENT TO) and then come up with a list of people you follow,and you should be able to send it to people on that list of your choice.
David (24 May 2019)
Thanks for all the feedback Nicolas.

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