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10 Jul 2018

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"Epic Party! Thanks, we loved it!" (2017)

"The first thing my daughter said when we left was 'Now that was fun Daddy, wasn't it!'" (2017)

"Our daughter had an amazing time! She won't take her wolf mask off or stop howling :) She'll definitely sleep well tonight!" (2017)

"Thank you Pridie, it was a lovely party!" (2018)

"Thank you so much! It was amazing and everybody had such a fantastic time!" (2018)



We live and breathe stories and love nothing better than to help children explore the wild and wacky world of their own imagination! Our bespoke birthday parties and special event sessions provide an eclectic mix of sensory adventure, fireside folk tale and creative story-crafting, along with plenty of energetic outdoor inspired games and arty activities that prepare everyone for eating plenty of cake! 




Bend body and brain with literary trivia & outdoor inspired games!

Shape a story-telling set with a selection of wild and wacky materials!

Use the senses to sniff, scratch and sample some specially selected stories!

Curl up around the fire for a mix of fierce and funny folk tales!

Craft arty 'saga' stones for future story-telling!

Draft your very own imaginative manuscript!


Every one of our activities makes use of materials from the immediate environment be it garden, park or indoor space (because you should never be shy of bringing the wild inside), and each party and event session is carefully crafted to match your child's interests and personality. We pop over beforehand to have a chat about the space you plan to use and the types of games and creative activities your child and their friends will most enjoy!





45-60 minutes of outdoorsy story-telling workshop including games, set-building, sensory fun, folk tales, arty crafting and story spinning.

Recommended for younger children

£85 - £100




40 minutes of outdoorsy story-telling workshop including games, set-building, sensory fun, folk tales, arty crafting and story spinning.

20 minute break for food and cake

30 minutes more of wacky, workshop fun!

Recommended for older children




60 minutes of outdoorsy story-telling workshop including games, set-building, sensory fun, folk tales, arty crafting and story spinning.

20/30 minute break for food and cake

30/40 minutes more of wacky, workshop fun!

Recommended for older children




Q: What do our Special Occasion/Bespoke Birthday sessions involve?
A: We arrive around 20 minutes ahead of the start time to set up and to help you with any last minute bits and bobs that need doing. Our sessions are either 1 hour (younger children) or 1+1/2 to 2 hours (older children) long, and are carefully crafted to match the age and interests of the children who will be there. A general overview would look something like this:

TO WARM UP...Music and outdoor inspired games (younger children), performance warm ups and literary trivia challenges -  quiz team style (older children) for a fun bit of body and brain bending!
THE MAIN EVENT...themed story-telling where we build our wild and wacky set, share folk tales around the fire and design our own tall tales with masks, pens, puppets, chalks and story stones. Older children will also create their own imaginative manuscripts and sharpen their story writing skills!
TAKE A BREAK...we can either finish here for food and cake or (older children) we have a quick breather before we return to our writing and work on the most impressive ending ever to be encountered!
BEFORE WE down games and a chance to share our stories before waving off the guests and tidying up.

Q: What age children are your parties suitable for?
A: Our story-crafting and creative writing sessions can be designed for children aged 4 to 14 years. The best thing to do is to get in contact and we can talk about what sort of session your child would like - who their favourite author is, what they love about the Great Outdoors, what kinds of activities would excite and inspire them on that special day etc!

Q: Will you come to our home or do we need to hire a venue?
A: We are very happy to come to your home or to a venue you have hired. A garden isn't essential - we're good at bringing the wild inside! 

Q: How many children can we invite to our party?
A: Our sessions work best with between 8-10 children. That way, everyone has a chance to share their stories and benefit from individual one-to-one guidance and support with their story spinning! It's best to talk further about this when you first get in contact - for example, you might have a particular age range within the group or specific learning needs that we'll want to cater for so numbers are definitely flexible!

Q: Who will deliver the workshop?
A: Pridie will deliver your workshop. She'll visit you beforehand to talk through how you would like to use the space you have arranged for the party and check that the design of the session is exactly right for you. For more information about Pridie's background, have a browse of our 'About' page.

Q: Where do you deliver your sessions?
A: We are based in Bristol but are very happy to run sessions outside of the city. 

Q: What other kinds of occasion do you design sessions for?
A: We offer sessions for weddings, corporate days and festivals. 

Q: Are you insured?
A: In the unlikely event that anything does go wrong, we have public liability insurance.


For more information visit our website at


Q: Are you DBS checked?
A: Yes

Q: Do you do party bags?

A: No, children leave our workshops with a variety of story-telling bits and bobs but we don't provide party bags.

Q: Do you do invitations?

A: Yes, in discussion with the birthday boy or girl, we can design some wild and wacky party invitations to send your guests!

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