TANGIBLE TALES: Creative story-crafting workshops for pre-schoolers

10 Jul 2018

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"You've inspired our practitioners!"

"All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, thank you."

"Children that usually struggle to access literacy - could!" (2017)


Our Tangible Tales workshops offer pre-schoolers an exciting new perspective when it comes to experiencing literature and starting to develop those all important literacy skills. An eclectic mix of sensory adventure, fireside folk tale and creative story crafting - this session employs an experiential approach to excite, inspire and breathe real life into learning! Every one of our imaginative and invigorating activities incorporates the immediate environment; using strong sensory stimuli to spice up each task! 

Similar to our Wiggles & Squiggles sessions, we start with the sharing of wild and wacky stories around our little (fake) fire and every tall tale is accompanied by a soundscape that brings each book's characters and their adventures to life! This is followed by a bit of time creating crafty, arty pieces that link with the stories we have read and are built of materials fresh from the outdoors! Other activities can range from experimenting with animal sounds, to crawling around with a magnifying glass gathering new and exciting ideas to weave into our very own story (with a little bit of help from our story stone lucky dip)!

Choose this workshop for your pre-schoolers if...

You are looking to introduce them to language and literacy skills in an exciting and refreshing way
You would like to kindle their interest in storytelling
You are seeking a fresh and fun way to encourage them to stretch their imagination
You wish to improve their confidence in reading via the sharing of new literary experiences

Each workshop is carefully tailored to engage each of the children at exactly the right level in order to have maximum and immediate impact. We can design workshops that cater for a wide range of needs and we make sure we discuss these in detail with staff before we visit. Our workshops work best with smaller numbers of pupils, as we like to make sure that each pupil receives an adequate amount of time in order to inspire their creativity. We recommend group size is between six to eight students.

For more information visit our website at www.thewildofthewords.co.uk

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