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10 Jul 2018

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"Pridie is a gifted and exemplary tutor... she cast her magic spell and somehow my daughter was engaging enthusiastically in English!"
Katherine, mum of Freya, Year 11

"You have had a remarkable effect and it is down to your infectious enthusiasm and passion."
Lisa, mum of Will, Year 13

"Our daughter had an amazing time! She won't take her wolf mask off or stop howling :)
Bruce, Parent of Amelia, aged 5

"Definitely unique!"
Quinn, Year 9

"You've inspired our practitioners!"
Becket Hall Pre-school

" Such a lovely, vibrant atmosphere - the best event we've had!"
Bedminster Library, Bristol


Welcome to The Wild of the Words where children encounter language and literature on a real life level. We use sense and experience to rekindle curiosity and creativity - boosting confidence and sharpening skills without anyone realising because they're having too much fun! The one to one English tuition we offer is carefully tailored to each individual, blending traditional teaching methods with a quirkier, more personalised approach that excites and inspires students. Similarly, our story-crafting and creative writing workshops contain wild-er, wackier ways of experiencing language and literature, offering a refreshing change in perspective via an energetic mix of tall tales and outdoor-inspired activities! 

One to one tuition and bespoke workshops can be designed to suit all ages, abilities and schedules. From individual support towards exams to small group intervention sessions, World Book Day or holiday programmes - get in touch now to find out how we can help you re-wild those words! For more information and contact details please visit our website at www.thewildofthewords.co.uk



Bespoke English tuition (KS3/4/5, EAL/PP/SEN); coaching students in specific areas or supporting them towards specific exams.

Outdoor inspired story-crafting and creative writing workshops that offer wild-er, wackier ways of experiencing language and literature!

Unique and memorable story-spinning sessions for special occasions; combining the reading and writing of tall tales with outdoor inspired art and energetic games - perfect for birthdays or keeping children entertained at a special event!



Pridie Tiernan is a fully qualified English teacher experienced in delivering outstanding teaching to children aged 11-18 years. She teaches and supports young people from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from pupils who are home-educated to those receiving specific learning support, studying English as an additional language and working towards their GCSE and A-Level Language and Literature exams. Her highly successful creative story-crafting workshops were launched in early 2017 and continue to excite and inspire both aspiring authors and reluctant writers alike! Read on to find out more about Pridie's qualifications and experience...

Batchelor's Degree, English Literature and Philosophy, UNIVERSITY OF EAST ANGLIA (2000-2003)

Post-graduate in Secondary Education, UNIVERSITY OF EAST ANGLIA (2003-4)

Fourteen years experience teaching English Language and English Literature (2004 - 2018)

CREATOR OF THE WILD OF THE WORDS: Bristol based company, established in 2017, delivering bespoke English tuition, story-crafting and creative writing workshops to children aged 2-18 years. 

TEACHER OF ENGLISH  & PRIVATE ENGLISH TUTOR: Fourteen years experience, in school and out, delivering highly contextual, innovative and exciting lessons as well as delivering outstanding teaching for students from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from pupils who are home-educated to those receiving specific learning support, studying English as an additional language and working towards their GCSE and A-Level language and literature exams.

CONSULTANCY: In 2015, worked alongside a senior leadership team in a Bristol academy to revise and develop their existing literacy policy. In addition to this, delivered literacy training to all subject staff and led the English team in the development of new English Language and Literature programme in preparation for examinations in 2017. 

HEAD OF YEAR AT KEY STAGE FOUR: Led, managed and developed a team committed to supporting the educational progress of Key Stage Four students; monitoring and evaluating both the academic and personal development of the students and designing and delivering effective intervention strategies that resulted in measured improvement of both student self-regard and overall achievement at GCSE.

HEAD OF PERSONAL, SOCIAL & HEALTH EDUCATION / HEAD OF CITIZENSHIP: Designed and managed the delivery of Personal, Social and Health Education across a whole school community as well as created and delivered a GCSE Citizenship course to Year 10 and 11 students. The role required the creation of comprehensive and effective schemes of work ranging from Sex Education to Global Humanitarian Issues, as well as the design and co-ordination of year group 'Breakout' days in which routine curriculum was suspended for the day and two hundred and twenty students worked through nine different workshops, exploring the school's link with a Ugandan school and partner school's cultural heritage.

KEY STAGE ENGLISH COORDINATOR: Responsible for designing and developing dynamic schemes of work and ensuring that all schemes are structured in a way that enables all staff within the department to deliver the curriculum in an exciting and informative way; embedding key literacy skills within all schemes to ensure student progression takes place across all subjects as well as within English. Restructured the English programme for Years 7,8 and 9 in order to make student progression visible and measurable for students, teachers and parents alike.

HEAD OF GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP & COORDINATOR OF OVERSEAS EXPEDITIONS: Established a Global Partnership between Bristol and Ugandan school. This enabled us to share best practice and curriculum resources, and set up a bilateral exchange programme taking groups of students to Africa and then hosting Ugandan colleagues here in the UK. It has been extremely rewarding to see such an increase in community investment resulting in the fundraising of over £60,000. Established highly effective and engaging schemes of work in both schools, and a fully operational and robust expedition infrastructure is now firmly in place to ensure the future growth of project and increased staff involvement. The next expedition will run in 2018.

TEACHING AND LEARNING COACH: Closely involved in the delivery of staff training for a number of years; supporting and coaching staff in the development of their classroom practice.

OUTDOOR ADVENTUROUS TRAINING: Mountain Leader (Summer) qualified. Ran Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions in school and continue to deliver independent outdoor adventurous training for students. 

VOLUNTEERING: Committed to global development work - volunteer for the Bristol based NGO African Initiatives. This has involved delivering a Global Education After-school Club to primary school students in the Bristol area. Currently tutoring vulnerable adults in the community who require additional support with their English language learning.

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Carola (10 Jul 2018)
You are an amazing teacher... Truly an inspirational human being!!! 💛

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