Saving the Animals at Cape Point

1 Jun 2019

Published by UncleBill

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We all had such a wonderful day on the beach surfing and playing with our friends and we got home at about 5.00pm, my gran asked me to set the dinner table. I first went to have a quick shower then had dinner. After dinner we all watched a few shows on the television and then said good night and went off to bed. I think that I was just dozing off to sleep when I heard a funny noise on the window, like a rattling sound. I got up and went to see what the noise could be and, “oh my gosh!" Downstairs in the garden was Tommy Brown and he was throwing little stones at my window. I opened the window and said to him, "What is the problem? And he said, 'I need your help urgently'. I said 'Right, I'll meet you at the front door in two minutes'.

I quickly put on a jacket and a balaclava hat as it was a little windy and cold outside and went to meet Tommy. He said to me that a very good friend of his who lives in Cape Point said that his little son also a baboon, had been kidnapped by robbers who were collecting young animals to send off to a zoo in Johannesburg and he asked if we could help to get his boy back.

I said Tommy "I'd love to help but what do you want me to do? He said that we would need to go to Cape Point and see if we can release my friend's son and the other animals that are being held in captivity.

We ran down to Kalk Bay station just in time to climb on a train going to Simonstown. It was only later, much later, that I found out how Tommy was able to contact all other animals where we can use our cell phone. So it was to my surprise that when we got off the train in Simonstown, there were two zebras waiting for us in the shadows.

Tommy walked up them and said, 'Hi Graham and Mike, this is my friend Bill', I said hello and while I was talking to other zebra named Mike, Tommy said that we needed to get out to Cape Point as soon as possible so that we could try and release all the animals before the sun came up. Mike said 'Let's get going' and Tommy and I climbed up on their backs and wow, you could not believe how fast these zebras could run.

It was a short time later when we arrived at some bushes just outside the camp where the robbers were. We jumped off the zebras backs and up popped a springbok, a wildebeest and two rabbits. I said to Tommy 'what do we need these animals for, especially the small rabbits?' and Tommy said 'Wait and see Bill what these rabbits can do'. Our new team sneaked through the bushes up to the side of the robber's building and I could hear animals crying softly. Tommy looked into the one window that was slightly open, and he saw eight types of animals inside.

Tommy said 'Now Bill you will see why the two rabbits are with us', and with that they started to dig next to the side of the building and before you knew it, they had dug a hole right under the wall big enough to me to crawl into the room with the animals. I quickly got inside and said to the animals 'No noise' and waited for Tommy's signal to open the door. In the meantime, the wildebeest, being a big animal, was afraid of nothing and when Tommy said 'Go' he ran straight at the two guards and knocked them over. They bumped their heads against the wall of the building and were knocked out.

The springbok stood guard over the two sleeping guards while the wildebeest put his head against the door and with all his strength, pushed it open. Within no time all the animals were out and the wildebeest and springbok went charging off into the bush with the released animals. The two rabbits stayed behind just in case they were still needed for any further help.

This was carried out perfectly, but, we could not do this without any noise which caused more guards to come running to the building. Graham and Mike the zebras came running up to us and said 'Guys, it is now time to get out of here fast!' We jumped onto their backs and off we went, at the last minute, one guard jumped out in front of us with a gun, but before he could aim and shoot. Our two rabbit friends grabbed his legs and bit hard into them which caused him to forget all about the escaping animals.

It was not long after that we got back into Simonstown and I said goodbye to Tommy and the two zebras and went onto the station in time to catch the train home again.

I woke up at 12 noon and looking out of my window I saw Tommy sitting in the garden and ran downstairs and Tommy said to me 'Bill, we had a lot of fun last night, didn't we?' and the message from all the animals that have heard the story so far is that you have earned all their friendship.

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Patricia Searle (22 Jun 2019)
Absolutely love the pics - great story, am sure that the children will love it.

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