On the 29th of January 2021 we finally launched our platform for the world to see. 

We haven’t spread the voice too much as we want to make sure, before we go wild, that the site works well across different devices and browsers.

We are communicating closely with many of our members, gathering feedback, questions, and bugs that some of you are encountering.  This is super important to us, so please keep all those coming. 

“Updates” is the account that Simplo.me will use to update all our members monthly, this account is followed by all of us, and it is the only account within our platform that can reach everyone.  Our communications through “Updates” will be strictly related to the progress of our software development, and any changes to our legal documents. 
For communications about our vision, new releases, feedback, new features, and discussions, Simplo.me has created another account called “Simplo” (simplo.me/simplo). You can follow this account if you are interested in participating in building a platform that we hope all our members will feel happy and safe to use. 


Our first milestone after the launch is to achieve stability in all existing functionality, improve the features we already have and prepare for the new features to come. 


Thank you all for encouraging us to work on a choice the world is thirsty for. 


Simplo.me team



                                            Image by WikiImages from Pixabay