Happy Birthday

14 Jun 2018

Published by Updates

(Last updated 103 weeks ago)

Congratulations if it's your birthday today!   We know somebody special who's birthday it is, so as a treat, we're deploying our new dark colour theme. 

It's optimised it for long reading session in order to minimise eye-strain.

Comment below if you have any ideas, and hit the like button to let us know that you like the new theme.


Feliz cumpleaños



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Patricia Perez (10 Jul 2018)
Happy Birthday to my amazing niece!
Updates (10 Jul 2018)
Aww, thank you Pati! That was a while ago though... but it's lovely that you're trying and testing the functionality of our site! Please create an article, or a video with a YouTube link you might like to share... and tell my cuzzies to get involved! We really need to test everything and get your feedback beautiful people... loads of love! Cxxx

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