About Us

About Us

The Problem

The erosion of privacy and exploitation of our personal information.

Our Solution

A platform that has the interest of its members at heart, respecting their privacy and data. No unsolicited ads, no Google Analytics, no tracking, no sale of personal information.

Our Vision

To develop a social creative platform that cares for and protects human rights. Giving each of our members full control over their data and privacy; providing useful tools allowing us all to challenge, rate and report content, members, or comments and so, offering the chance to be part of our community in a direct and democratic way.

A company based on choice, transparency, and integrity.

Business Model

We are creating a company founded upon an entirely different business model - one that believes in “elective advertisement” where an individual chooses to follow a brand or service provider instead of the other way around (“invasive advertisement”); one that offers subscriptions to special features our members can choose to use if they wish to; one that believes in the power of direct democracy, freedom of speech, and human rights.

Choice, Transparency, and Integrity

Within the world of social media platforms, and the instant global connectivity they allow us, our democracies have been challenged. Questions such as “How do social media platforms influence our democracies?” have been raised. Concerns are growing about how they can polarize people’s beliefs - feeding more of the same according to a person’s likes, to create extreme views within that person or community, widening the differences between the opinions of those involved and causing division as a result.

Some jurisdictions are attempting to create rules such as requiring social media platforms to remove hate speech, fake news, or other dangerous content, but from a technical, practical, and ethical perspective, this is exceedingly difficult to achieve at a universal level.

And many questions are yet again raised: who decides what is fake or hate speech at a global scale: a local government in turn that has a biased view or interest; an organization funded by a group, corporation, or government; or the shareholders of the company who might have their own agenda; who would define that baseline?

What about censorship? Can we censor things based on how much a group or individual is willing to pay to remove information that is not in their interest to show; or trust an organization to fact check information, which might be backed by the same individuals; what about our freedom of speech?

But let us clarify, this conundrum only occurs when content is inserted into the news feed of people that did not request it in the first place, established on tracking and the exploitation of our personal information… A business model issue, or as we call it: “invasive advertisement”.

It is clear to us that not only our democracies are at risk, but basic human rights are at stake.

Our solution to these challenges is democracy itself. Direct democracy is giving each of our members the freedom, equality, and the tools to choose, challenge, rate and report content, members, or abuse, based on a clear set of rules we all agree upon.

Applying direct democracy on a social creative platform, which has the potential of reaching millions, if not billions of people, is essential for us. We want Simplo.me to become a high standard platform; one that respects human rights: that allows people to express their views freely and without censorship - A platform that respects our members’ data and privacy.

We believe it is the job of each state to enforce the rule of law within their own jurisdictions, not the job of a tech company.

Integrity is a bit more challenging to prove or demonstrate, we think this is gained in the long run, nevertheless you do have ways you can show the respect and commitment you feel for what you are doing in clear actionable steps.

Actions speak louder than words!

Simplo.me represents choice and simplicity; we are dedicated to continuously creating tools for our members’ benefit. Our members are the ones in charge of their news feed - they choose what they want to see, not us.

We do not manipulate our members views, nor do we allow advertisers to do this without the consent of each person. The choice is always in the hands of our members, not in the advertiser’s, or ours.

Simplo.me does not track our members, everyone will be anonymous in our eyes; our data will only measure the usage of the tools we create so we can improve them, see where they might be failing, or achieving good results, errors, and weaknesses of the system. This data is completely anonymous and for internal use only; we will not, at any point, sell, rent, or share it with any 3rd parties of any sort.

This is the vision I had and that I would like to see for me and my loved ones, and as it is not out there yet, I asked myself: well, what am I waiting for?

Inspired by family.


"Finding solutions to problems is considerably more difficult, but so much more rewarding..."

Carola Derpsch
Founder & CEO

Carola loves her family, architecture, art, science, tech, multiculturalism, the planet, and gets totally inspired by the difference one person can make in the world.
"My passion is to create things that bring joy to myself and others. Simplo.me is a tech solution to many issues I have observed and dealt with in my life… Be the change you wish to see!"

David Searle
Co-Founder & CTO

David is passionate about technology, music, storytelling, teaching, learning, and sharing.
"It's a privilege to create a safe environment and trusted tools for our community"


Simplo.me is a self-funded project of Cosma Consulting Ltd.
If our vision inspires you to donate, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!